• Are located in the main building and in the sleeping rooms.
  • There is also a toilet block located in the corner of the building between the laundry and dorms 4 & 4a. Please use these at the end of your camp if rooms have been vacated and are being cleaned.

Car Parking

  • Park in designated area

Dining Room

  • Self serve beverages available at all times during your camp.
  • Please keep the sink area clean and place all dirty cups at the dishwasher window after use. Help yourself to the fruit bowl.


  • All taps inside are filtered rain water, suitable for drinking. DO NOT drink from outside taps.
  • Do Not Waste Water.

Recreation Hall

  • Please pack sports equipment away after use. Please report breakages or damage so we can replace equipment as required.

Meeting Hall

  • No food or drink Allowed.

Sleeping Rooms

  • Heater Timer: 9pm—12.30am And 6.30am—8.00am


  • Please turn off as many lights as possible when groups go to bed.


  • Adult Supervision At All Times Please.
  • Trampolines: 1 at a time No Shoes.
  • Tarzan Swing: 1 at a time.