History of the campsite

Christian Youth Camps ran camps at hired sites in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. In the 70’s it was increasingly difficult to hire suitable sites at the time we needed them (during school holidays).

A group of young men in their 20’s who were involved in the camping ministry started to talk about acquiring our own camp site. This seemed like an impossible task as CYC had no money, certainly not the sort of money that would be required to purchase suitable land. Not many weeks after that conversation took place an advertisement appeared in the paper regarding land for lease at Wellington. So the land was acquired on a perpetual lease for $30 per year (1973) and later the land was purchased from the Lands Department.

At the same time a church in Modbury had bought a house with the intention of using it as a meeting place however the council would not permit them to do that. The church offered the house to CYC if they removed it and cleared the block for them to build on.    The house was then pulled down piece by piece and transported to the new camp site at Wellington and re-built. This house with some modifications over the years is still on site.

In January 1974 Murray and Leila Lydeamore with two children lived in a caravan at the Wellington Caravan Park for several months while Murray completed the half built house. When he got it to a liveable state they moved in with their children Darren and Michele. Many Saturdays in 1974 folk from Adelaide would go to the site, helping with the building, planting trees (sometimes having to blow a hole with dynamite) and picking up rocks and digging up weeds. Many of the local farmers gave of their time and machinery to help clear the land and helped in many of the other projrcts.

In 76/77 other couples join the Lydeamores living in caravans on site helping with the building projects. A transportable house was bought from Langhorne Creek in which Stan and Nanette Main lived joining the team.

The first bunkhouse built was the double rooms between the dining room and the rec hall. The first camp held at the new site was a boy’s camp of 20 at which Mr Ted Palmer was the leader. All of the eating, studies and activaties were held in the enclosed veranda of the Lydeamore house.

In 1976 the Dining room and kitchen were built, which have had major changes over the years. Over the next few years further addition took place, with the Rec Hall going up in 1980.

When Don and Ali Blackwell joined the work a third house was built, this one was built on site with the help of MMM.

During this time and up to this present (2016) dozens of people have worked as staff members on site and many hundreds as volunteers who have put countless hours in building,cleaning,cooking,gardening as well as all those who were involved in the running of the camps here at Wellington for more than 40 years. Special thanks to many of the local farmers whose help with time and their machinery enable with a number of projects.

What you see and enjoy today is a tribute to all who have gone before.