Site Overview


The campsite buildings occupy approximately 1 acre of the campsite.

The remainder of the area is native trees and shrubs – 3.5 acres grass oval.

Kitchen Wing

Dining hall, office, pantry, store room, laundry, and ablutions facilities.

These buildings are of timber frame construction, with exterior cladding of permapine planks nad fibrous cement sheeting and plaster board, and an iron roof.

Recreation Hall

This building is of timber frame with exterior cladding of permapine planks with steel framed roof and chip board lining.


Bunkhouses are timer frame construction withe permapine plank exterior and fibrous cement sheeting or plasterboard, with an iron roof.

Meeting Hall

Reception, office, cooks quarters, main building toilets. This building is of timber frame construction, with exterior cladding of western red cedar and plaster board lining.


The campsite is surrounded by a dirt road on it’s western and northern boundaries. Grazing paddocks are across this road.

The eastern boundary runs along a sealed road and across this road is a reserve leading to the River Murray.

The western boundary adjoins grazing land.


The campsite has a number of buildings, but all aler located in close proximity facing onto a central quadrangle.

The site is relatively flat and has few hazards.

The most evident hazard would be the poisonous fumes from the perma pine in the case of a fire, but the emergency assembly area is in a direction the wind rarely blows. All buildings are connected by concrete pathways which are well lit at night.

There is emergency vehicle access to all areas of the site.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available from Murray Bridge. It would take approximately 20-30 minutes for emergency services to arrive.

The nearest medical centre / hospital is at Tailem Bend approximately 15 minutes from the campsite.

In the event of an emergency, campsite staff will contact emergency services. In the absence of staff, the group leader can contact emergency services from the emergency phone in the dining room.

Emergency Contacts

Tailem Bend 8572 5800
Murray Bridge 8535 6777
Call 000
Tailem Bend 8572 4210
Murray Bridge 8535 6020

Campsite located North Side of Wellington, address is 196 El Shaddai Road