Evacuation Assembly Area

In the event of an emergency please move to the Evacuation Assembly Area, next to the tennis courts.

Emergency Response Plan

To ensure that correct response is made in an emergency situation, all campsite staff and user groups are requested to make themselves familiar with the details of the emergency plan.

Inform campsite staff

To prevent confusion – and to make best use of available resources – any situation requiring an emergency response (eg. accident, gas leak, lost child, prowler etc.) should be handled by the campsite management or group leaders.

All contact with emergency services should be done by the campsite management where time/availability permits.

Roles and Responsibilities

Campsite Staff

Campsite staff, if on site and available, will co-ordinate the emergency and set up a command centre in the office.

They will liase with emergency services and take control of all responses not involving the supervision of campers.

Other campsite staff, if on site, will ensure service utilities are cut off as directed and that doors and windows are closed.

Group Leaders

If campsite staff are not available, or the group leader believes the response is within their resources, they can contact the emergency services and implement the planned response.

Campsite staff MUST be notified as soons as practicable.

Campsite staff will then ensure the co-ordination responsibility for the emergency are carried out.

Group leaders must supervise campers at all times and prepare and safely undertake and orderly evacuation of advised by campsite staff or emergency services.


The campsite is located on the North side of Wellington and occupies 20 acres. The address is 196 El Shaddai Road.

Emergency Management Plan, Campsite Overview

Routine incidents

The campsite staff will direct the campers in routine incident situations.

Electricity failiure

Back up lighting will turn on automatically in the northern section of the dining room, the meeting hall, and reception area.

In the evening if it is for an extended period of time, staff can provide torches.

Phones will not work in the event of a power faliure. The pay phone can be used in case of emergency.

Care needs to be exercised in all areas, including outside where lighting is out.

Water supply will not work in the event of a power failiure.

Gas faliure

This will only affect the kitchen and backup systems are in place, so this would not affect the campers.

Water loss, flooding

If power loss is localised, the river pumps may still be operating. This means water is still available to toilets and outside taps.

The dormitories have header tanks so even when power is out, water will be available for a limited time in these rooms.

If flooding is occurring or any blockages in toilet systems, please contact staff to turn off water supply or repair the blockage.

Gas Leak

Saff would contact the emergency ElGas 131 161 and shut off supply as directed by them.

Campers would be directed outside to assemble in the emergency assembly area.

Camper leaders would ensure all campers are accounted for and direct a search if any are not present.

Emergency shut off points are clearly signed at the outside of the back window of the kitchen (oval side) and on the verandah post on the far south-east corner of the building.