Duty Groups

Dining Room

Before your first meal

  • Lift and carry tables and chairs to set up the dining room.
  • Each table seats 8 people.

Duty Groups

  • Duty groups are required at each meal to set and clear tables, please report to the kitchen staff 15 minutess before meal time.

Meal Time

  • After finishing your first course, scrape all scraps onto 1 plate and stack plates.
  • Ask 1 person on your table to carry the stack to the dishwasher window.
  • Scrape scraps into the bucket at the window.
  • Place all cutlery into the yellow container on your table.
  • Paper scraps go into the silver milkshake container, this can be emptied into the bin under the dishwasher window.
  • Please clear your table of dirty dishes as quickly as possible and before you sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

After Meals

  • Clear all tables.
  • Refill water jugs at sink in the coffee making area and place in fridge.
  • Spray and wipe all tables.
  • Sweep dining room floor if required.

Coffee Area

  • Please keep the coffee making area clean.
  • All dirty cups etc. are to be placed at the dishwasher window.

End of Camp Cleanup


  • empty bin
  • turn heater to 0
  • sweep floor
  • flush toilet
  • switch off lights

Dining Room

  • wipe tables
  • stack chairs
  • sweep floor
  • collect your belongings

Meeting Hall

  • stack chairs
  • remove rubbush

Rec Hall

  • collect and put away sports gear
  • remove rubbish
  • turn off lights
  • close doors and windows
  • report damage to sports equipment


  • pick up rubbish and place in bins
  • return items to where they were found