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Do you want your students to experience activities that will challenge and stretch them?

Adventure Outlook

Adventure Outlook is run by Christian Youth Camps of SA. Christian Youth Camps has been running programmed camps for children and teenagers for over 40 years. We are committed to providing quality educationally based school camping programs that are enjoyable for students and hassle free for teachers. We have a committed team of staff with a broad range of qualification and experience in Outdoor Education / Recreation areas

Adventure Outlook Aims

  • Providing an opportunity for people to grow through new & challenging experiences
  • Delivering programs to a high standard to provide memorable experiences
  • Create an environment where relationships can grow through shared time & experiences
  • Creating a welcoming, caring & safe environment
  • Grow leadership potential & skills within young people
  • Providing a positive example of Christian faith through word & action

Life and Values

The Education Act allows for religious seminars to be held for one half day per term. As part of all of our programs we include a Life and Values Christian Seminar, which would meet the requirements of this Act.

The seminars run for approximately 45 minutes and encourage students to reflect upon issues that are relevant to their lives, encourage students to think about values, they are educational and fun. We use experiences that students have had on their camp or program to relate to other experiences they have in life. It gives a chance for students explore values and learn about Christian faith. The programs encourage a high level of interaction and use a variety of presentation styles to be able to connect with students.

We encourage the school to notify parents that this seminar will be included in their camp or program and understand that parents have a right to opt their children out of this seminar.

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