Relationships during camp

This page was last updated on Monday 19th of June 2023

Romantic Relationships
The development of romantic attachments at camp should not be encouraged among campers or volunteers. We run the CYC Camps as an outreach to share Christ with others and to promote an eternal relationship with Him, we do not run these camps to promote romantic earthly relationships.

Family and Friends
Volunteers and Staff should not give any advantage to family members or friends. Every Camper and Volunteer should be treated equally without any favouritism.

Key Leaders involved with a CYC Camp can bring any of their immediate dependent family members along after approval from the Camps Coordinator has been sought.

Visitors of any kind during CYC Camps can be very disruptive to the overall atmosphere of the camp for Campers and Volunteers alike. People are welcome to come and visit CYC Camps only at the discretion of the CYC Camps Coordinator. Each case shall be assessed individually. If interested in visiting a CYC camp, the person should contact the CYC Camps Coordinator and discuss the situation. The CYC Camps Coordinator can then make an informed decision as appropriate.

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