Once the campers leave what needs to be done?

This page was last updated on Sunday the 2nd of July 2023

Once all of the campers have left we’ll have one last meeting where we’ll debrief and then there are three things that we need you to do. We want you to go home as soon as possible, hopefully before 4:30 pm as this is when the staff finish for the week.

Camper Letters
At the end of camp, we ask you to write a short letter to each of your campers to remind them about the friendship you’ve been able to build with them on camp and to remind them what they’ve learnt about God. We ask that volunteers make these personal for each camper and that you try to stay away from making these generic (many of the campers know each other outside of camp and may compare what has been written).

Alert List
At the first meeting of camp we would have shown you the alert list for your dorm. These will be handed back to you and we ask you to update these with relevant information on your campers that may be helpful for future leaders. Things like ‘this camper is awesome’ while maybe true is not very helpful, things like ‘this camper doesn’t get along with that camper’ or ‘this camper responds well to…’ is helpful. If something is no longer relevant, then please note that too.

Evaluation Form
Without feedback we don’t know what changes need to be made, so for every camp we have an online evaluation form that we ask all volunteers to fill out. When you do this form please write what you really think, be honest!

The CYC Coordinator and possibly the Executive Officer are the only people who will read these, and everything said will be kept confidential.

There will also be a section in this form relating to each of your key leaders; people cannot improve without good feedback. Use these forms as a chance to debrief, find a spot on your own to fill them in

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