Electronic Devices at camp

This page was last updated on Tuesday 20th of June 2023

For Campers
One of the rules that we have on CYC Camps is that campers are not allowed to have any electronic devices. We cannot monitor what campers are using these devices for or what they have on these devices which is why we hold on to them for the duration of the camp.

A little while after the campers arrive, they’ll need to hand up any electronic devices they’ve brought with them. If you become aware of any campers who didn’t hand something up let the Camp Director know.

For Cabin Leaders 
CYC would like all Cabin Leaders to be fully focused on their campers, so we hold on to your electronic devices as well.

If you require your phone or any other device on the camp, you need to organise an appropriate time to use it with your Camp Director. If you need something printed off instead of using your device organise this with the CYC Camps Coordinator before campers arrive.

For Key Leaders
We let Key Leaders hold on to their electronic devices as they may need to use them for their role and they need to be able to contact the CYC Camps Coordinator. However, they need to ensure that they are not being distracted by these devices and that they are focusing on their role throughout camp.

What electronic devices are we talking about?

Where are these Electronic Devices kept?
All electronic devices are kept in a locked box and are signed in and out by the Camp Director. The only people who have access to this box are the Camp Director and CYC Camps Coordinator.

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