CYC Camp Forms

This page was last updated on Friday 21st of June 2024

During the before-camp training you’ll be shown these forms and please keep in mind that on camp it’s important to do these as soon practical.

Incident Report Forms and Special Incident Report Forms
Detailed record-keeping is essential for keeping campers, volunteers, and staff safe. At El Shaddai, we have two forms for incidents: one for injuries and one for when an incident occurs without injury, for example, behavioural, verbal, emotional, and near misses. Both of these forms are designed to give a brief account of what has happened so that the Key Leaders can make changes during camp or the CYC staff can make changes after the camp.

Commitment of Faith Forms
If a camper makes a Commitment or Re-Commitment to Faith we would love to connect them to a church community where possible. We can only do this if we have been made aware of the commitment.
When someone makes a commitment to faith we don’t want to present a form straight away however before they leave please find the time to find out a few details. If they leave before you get a chance to do the form with them then please fill one in with the information that you do have.