Things to bring and not to bring to camp

For each CYC Camp there are some items that you’ll need to bring yourself; some of these are required, while others are optional. Please ensure all items are clearly marked with your name and please note that El Shaddai only holds lost property for a fortnight following the end of a Camp.

You will need to bring:

Please note that we no longer have a sheet on our beds, we now have a hospital grade waterproof vinyl covering. Make sure that you bring your own sheet to camp (we have one double bed in each dorm and the rest of the beds are single beds).

As a Christian campsite, we seek to promote Christian values and we’ve banned some items to keep people safe and the campsite tidy. The below list of banned items is here to ensure that a high standard is followed at all of our CYC Camps.

Please read over the banned items and ensure that none of these are brought to camp.

Things that are not allowed to be brought to camp:

Thank you for taking the time to read the things that you need to bring and banned items.