Media and Photos

Help us promote our CYC Camps

El Shaddai reserves the right to take photos and videos of things going on around camp for use on our website, for publicity purposes, and on social media.

When someone registrations a camper there is a section that reads as followed “If you DO NOT want the camper’s photo to be used on the CYC website or on promotional material, including Facebook please inform the CYC Camps Coordinator in writing.”

You can take photos or videos of things that are happening during your camp for us to use however you cannot use any photos or videos yourself which have campers in them or keep a copy of these after the camp has finished. We do allow you to post any photos or videos of campers yourself!!

Ideally, we would not use photos that have camper’s faces in them so it’s better to take a photo from behind a group or not have them in the photo at all.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to snap photos and videos of what’s happening around El Shaddai (please remember this is an extra thing to do, make sure that you are doing the jobs that you need to get done first). If something is interesting or beautiful take a photo and send it to the CYC Camps Coordinator. Once they have saved them delete your copies that have campers in them.

Ideally, we would like to be making three posts a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday however, this can only happen if we have things to share.

Thank you, lovely people and God bless!