Become a Key Leader

This page is for anyone who is going to be a Key Leader of a CYC Camp. Please do not share this link with anyone who is not Key Leading with you.

If you want Cabin Leaders to download any forms then please send them to

Thank you!

Below are the Information Packets and Application Forms for each role. These files are updated regularly so please have a look over your Information Packets even if you have done your role before.

If you haven’t already sent me a copy of your Working With Children Check Certificate please forward it to me

If you do not have a current WWCC then we will need to start you on an application. For this, I need you to send me your Full Name, Date of Birth, and your Email Address. When you are a volunteer for one of our holiday camps we can get these clearances at no charge. 

Once you’ve filled in your Application Form and got your references to sign it please email me a copy at

Thank you for taking on the responsibility of Key Leading because of you, we have the opportunity of sharing the gospel with the Kids and Teens that come along to our camps!!

CYC Camps Coordinator
Peter Breuninger

DirectorsForms and Documents

The Director needs to ensure that their leaders fill in their Forms and read the Leadership Traning Manual. A Cabin Leader is not confirmed till we have a copy of their Working With Children Check, Leadership Application Form and Code of Conduct. These Forms and Documents can be downloaded at

During Covid-19 we need to have a Covid-19 Marshal in place at all times. For this, we are asking our Director to do this role during one of our camps as they’ll be present for the whole camp.
When you arrive you will be given your badge which will need to be present whenever you are fulfilling your duties as a Director.

Can you please send a copy of your Covid-19 Marshal Certificate to the CYC Camps Coordinator?
If you do not have a Covid Marshal Certificate can you please follow this link and do the test.

You can view our Covid Safe Plan by looking at our Risk Assessment page.

Program Directors – Forms and Documents

Below is a template that you can use to make your program it is a Word Document. If you click on the link it will start downloading.

Study Leaders – Forms and Documents