Confidential Information

Handling of Personal and Confidential Information

As a Key Leader, you’ll be given some personal information about the campers that will be on your camp. As part of your role, we are asking you to treat this information with care as it is confidential. You are not allowed to keep records of this information for yourself and anything that has been given to you must be returned so that we can dispose of it properly.

The CYC Camps Coordinator will hand over this information to you in your folder. Please do not leave this lying around where anyone may be able to look through it. The Camp Director will have emergency and medical information for all the campers.

The other Key Leaders may have sensitive emails or lists of the camper’s full names. Don’t give out or let anyone have access to your number, use our phone when you are contacting the guardians of a camper (the CYC Camps Coordinator can show you this when you arrive at camp). You should keep all your contact information private the only details that guardians should have is that of the campsite.

For even more information, you can look at the CYC’s Privacy Statement which can be viewed our ‘Privacy‘ page.