Camp Forms

As a Camp Director there are a few forms that you need to fill in throughout the camp.

We need to keep records of what happens on our camps this page will explain all the forms which you’ll need to use on camp for; First Aid, Pain Relief, Personal Items, Injuries, and Medications.

For most of these forms, you can get others to fill them in if they are the one who witnessed what happened or the one who is giving first aid. Please note that the only people we allow to give first aid are the people who are qualified to do so (we need a copy of their certificate).

At the end of the camp, we need you to sign off all forms that have been used.
Please feel free to contact the CYC Camps Coordinator if you have any questions.

First Aid Record Keeping
When you give minor first aid like a band-aid or removal of a splinter please record it on the record keeping form (see below) If there’s an injury or if there needs to be more attention given like cleaning a wound, fill in an Incident Report.

First Aid Record Keeping form.

Pain Relief Record Keeping
Whenever pain relief is given, please keep a record of it; this would include paracetamol, ibuprofen, and antihistamine. We also need permission from the camper’s guardian to check look at the ‘Camper Medication’ Information given to you by the CYC Camps Coordinator when you first arrive at camp. If permission hasn’t been given contact their guardian their details will be on the Camper Medication Information also (please note when contacting people, it would be a good idea to use the campsite’s phone so that people do not have your contact information).

Pain Relief Record Keeping form.

Valuable and Prohibited Items Record Keeping
At our Kids and Teens Camps, we do not allow campers and cabin leaders to have their phones. One of the first things we do at the start of camp is pick up any electronic devices and valuables such as wallets or car keys and put them in a lockbox (the only people who will have access to this box are the Camp Director and CYC Camps Coordinator). Please keep a record of everything that goes into this box and everything that is handed back.

Valuables and Prohibited items record keeping form.
Valuables and Prohibited items record keeping forms (leaders)

Incident Reports
At El Shaddai, we have two forms for incidents one is for when an injury occurs and the other is for when an incident happens without an injury for example behavioural, vocal, emotional, and near misses. The below images are an example of the forms we use.

Non-injury incident report
Injury incident report


We get our Camp Director to do the medications for our CYC Camps because there isn’t always a staff member around.

One of the first things we do when campers arrive is pick up their medications and put them into a lock box (the only people who will have access to this box are the Camp Director and CYC Camps Coordinator).

Make sure you are administering medication as required and set yourself reminders if needed so you don’t forget. It is best to do this away from other campers as some may be embarrassed to take their medication in front of others. The campsite staff room is available to you if needed to administer medication.

When medication is being sent on camp, we ask for a webster packet to be made up for the duration of the camp. Only one form is needed when this happens.

Medication Cover Page
The below image is an example of our Medication Cover Page you can use this to help keep track of who needs medication and when. Fill in one row for each of the medications you have on camp. You may need to use more than one page as there are only ten rows per cover page.

Medication Cover Page

Medication Form
The image below is an example of our Medication Form which is sent out to the camper’s guardian two weeks before the camp. While we ask this to be sent back in as soon as possible it doesn’t always happen and sometimes it will be sent with the camper’s medication. One row is used for each medication that is sent to the camp.

Medication Form

Medication Log
The image below is an example of our Medication Log Form, which you’ll use for record-keeping. We use one of these forms for each medication a camper may take over the camp duration. From the Medication Form (shown above) fill in the camper’s details in the first table (the orange and blue one). When administering medication use the second table, you fill in the columns under the green section and get a witness to fill in the columns under the yellow sections. The witness could be a Cabin Leader, another Key Leader, or a Staff Member.

Medication Log form.