School Seminars

As part of your camp experience, CYC staff will deliver a School Seminar. The session is designed to encourage positive values and behaviours that fit within the camp experience.



Each session will vary dependant on the group and the presenter. However a standard session will include the following:

Sessions usually tackle topics such as:

Target Audience 

Our presentation is fun and engaging, the content is specifically designed and relevant for each hiring group. We take into consideration ages and cultural, religious and social beliefs, and endeavour to develop a values talk that is applicable to all while still delivering CYC’s values. While we do include what we as Christians believe, this is not the main focus of the session and we aim to present our beliefs in a very respectful and caring way. If this is an area of concern for your group we are happy to discuss with you what this will look like within a session in more detail to help put your mind at ease.

We aim to fall in line with SMG standards while delivering our faith element.

For more information contact:
(08) 8572 7262