Kids & Aquatics Camp

Children 7 - 13

In the December school holidays we offer two camps that run simultaneously.
One is an onsite camp for those aged 7-9 where campers will enjoy things such as craft, site activities, games and more.
The other is an Aquatics camp where those aged 11-13 will be based at the campsite but will enjoy activities at the Murray River each day such as canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, raft making, rowing, water sports and more! (Those aged 10 are able to choose which one they attend).

This is a great opportunity for kids to experience what camp is all about over three days. Each camp is staffed with a director, concerned with the overall running of the camp and a program director who ensures an enjoyable program. There are cabin leaders who care for small groups of campers, as well as a study leader who challenges and discusses relevant life topics.

December Kids and Aquatics 2017

Start: 11:00 Mon 18 Dec 2017
End: 14:00 Wed 20 Dec 2017

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When: Monday Dec 18 – Wednesday  Dec 20

Who: Children aged 7-13

Where: 7-10 year old’s will be spending the days at the El Shaddai Campsite, while the 10-13 year old’s will spend each day at the river.

Both camps run at the same time so children 10 years of age can choose which camp they would like to attend.

YOUNGER KIDS will enjoy Craft, Trampolines, Swimming Pool, Rock Climbing and MUCH MORE…

AQUATICS CAMPERS will enjoy Canoeing, Raft Making, Swimming, Water Sports and MUCH MORE…